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58 Calef Highway (Junctions of Rt. 101 & 125), Epping NH
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Juan G. Diaz P. 08 Nov 2017
4 rate
Jessica P., Exeter, NH 09 Sep 2013
Was impressed with the friendly receptionist at the service desk (not the scowling guy who looks like an extra from Prison Break).  And they seemed to be honest.  If you use their quiet room and you need to get work done, make sure you bring headphones and an iPod or something.  The desks are com...fortable, but it is decidedly NOT quiet. Their receptionist has one of the most irritating voices I've ever heard, as well as an inability to hang up a phone without slamming it down.  Next time, I'm bringing my noise-canceling headphones. Show more
4 rate
Teddy S., Scottsdale, AZ 12 May 2010
This was my first experience buying a car from a dealer: a 2011 Toyota Camry.  I was told by friends that they were up-front and honest, and so I paid them a visit.  I checked prices at other dealers, and they sold me the car at the lowest price I could find.This dealership is a family-owned busin...ess and I actually met and spoke with two of the Hurlbert siblings who work there.They introduced me to service techs and bent over backwards to make everything go smoothly.  As for the car itself, the smoothest ride ever! Show more
4 rate
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